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Counseling Services

Counseling Services

The School Counseling Services Department provides support and guidance for students to help develop their full educational potential, including the students’ interests and career objectives, while supporting their immediate personal concerns and social development. The counselor team also supports the efforts of teachers, staff, parents and other members of the community in promoting the educational, career, personal and social development of students.


North Lamar ISD School Counselors follow the Texas Comprehensive Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs 5th edition. Their program consists of four components: Guidance Curriculum, Responsive Services, Individual Planning and System Support.


The State of Texas has mandated part of the guidance curriculum to include:

  • Anti-Bullying and Anti-Victimization,

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness,

  • Healthy Relationships (including Dating Violence),

  • Healthy Emotions (including Suicide Prevention), and

  • Post-Secondary Planning



The mission of North Lamar  ISD school counseling program is to provide support and guidance to all students as a means to foster academic success, post-secondary and career preparation, and personal social and emotional development through guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual planning and system support, which will prepare them to lead successful and productive lives.



The North Lamar Independent School District is dedicated to the belief that an effective program of guidance and counseling is an integral part of the total educational program of each student. These services assist all pupils directly or indirectly in making use of their abilities for their own development and for the good of our society. The guidance program is directed toward the personal, social, emotional, intellectual, career exploration, and growth of each student.


North Lamar High School Counselor Qualifications

North Lamar High School's school counselors hold a professional certificate in school counseling issued by the Texas Education Agency on the recommendation of the college or university where the counselor has completed a master’s level counseling program.


School Phone:
(903) 737-2011 1004