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Counseling Department

Counseling Department

Amy Anderson, Counselor – Grades 9 & 10

Shannon Ausmus, Counselor – Grades 11 & 12

Debbie Clark, Counselor – Scholarships and Financial Aid, CCMR

Sarah Morales, Registrar – Student Transcripts, Enrollment & Withdrawals



Need to request a high school transcript?

There is a $3 fee for each transcript copy. Cash or check is accepted. Payment can be made in person or by mail to:  Registrar, North Lamar High School, 3130 N. Main, Paris, Texas 75460. Contact the registrar by calling (903) 737-2011 or click the link to email Sarah Morales, Registrar.


Who are we?

We are a core group of professionals who provide services to support students outside the confines of the classroom. It is on the Counseling Department page that students and parents can locate information and links that can help students, parents and the community at large to navigate this support system.


Program Services

Students have access to information and learn skills to address interpersonal and intrapersonal effectiveness, personal health and safety, and post secondary education and career readiness. Counselors provide direct services through individual and group environments to the general population. The counseling staff also provide focused services to a population of students who have been identified as having a disproportionate impact from Covid-19. Counselors provide social emotional learning opportunities that help teach self-awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.


In addition, counselors help students in monitoring their progress in their classes, preparing their graduation plans, exploring the world of work, and preparing to enter college or advanced certification training. The counseling staff identify students who need specialized interventions and provide plans to meet those needs, whether they are preventative, remedial, or crisis interventions. Counselors may provide referrals to community services that can address students’ needs. Whether the counselors are providing services in whole/small groups or in individual planning/counseling, the counseling program provides equity and access to every student.


School Phone:
(903) 737-2011 1004