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Scheduling Information/Materials

Scheduling Information

8th Grade Scheduling Presentation

Google Slideshow with information on scheduling for incoming 9th grade students and graduation program/credits, etc.

Programs of Study at NLHS

As you enter high school, you will want to choose a program of study on which to focus. Click the link to learn about the programs of study that NLHS offers.

Programs of Study

What is a program of study? Programs of study are course sequences that prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen career. These sequences embed relevant, real world experiences and culminate in a postsecondary credential. 

Do programs of study replace endorsements? Programs of study do not replace endorsements. Programs of study should support the completion of an endorsement.

Do programs of study course sequences meet endorsements? Courses included in the programs of study sequences will meet one or more endorsements.

Industry Based Certifications (IBC)

Possible options to obtain a Performance Acknowledgement via IBC.

9th Grade Course Selections

Class of 2026 Course Selections

9th Grade 4-Year Plan/Choice Sheet

Class of 2026 Four-Year Plan/Choice Sheet

10th Grade Course Selections

Class of 2025 Course Selections

10th Grade Choice Sheet

Class of 2025 Choice Sheet

11th Grade Course Selections

Class of 2024 Course Selections

11th Grade Choice Sheet

Class of 2024 Choice Sheet


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